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Beep Test, New Story, Braces

June 11, 2003 ~ 5:57 p.m.

The current mood of archiedigest@hotmail.com at www.imood.com

I got my braces off! I can't belive how smooth my teeth feel. I keep running my tounge over them. I still havn't really let it soak in that I've had braces for two years and now they are gone. Actually I was a bit sad at first. My braces were a part of me and they were just ripped out of my mouth like a popcorn kernal. But I'm glad to get them off.

We had gym with the boys today. We had to do a beep test and I did better than last time. Not good, but better than last time. I only got 20 at the beginning of the year. Today I got 28. I think I should have done more but I got this stabbing pain out of NO WHERE and I couldn't breath. I geuss I should explain what a beep test is for all of you who have blocked out your tramatic high school gym class memories. You have to run from one side of the gym to the other as many times as you can and try to keep up with this beep that goes faster and faster. Meanwhile the teachers stand in the door way, laughing and drinking coffee because they can force us to do things and the boys remain at the starting line hypnotised by the girls who forgot to wear a sports bra.

What else happened today? Hmm...

Tomorrow I go back to the orthodontist to get my retainers. For one year I have to wear then all the time (yes, that will happen...) and for another year I only have to wear them at night. Not too shabby.

I'm writeing thing cool story for english class. This girl (Amanda) left her home becuase her dad was a drunk and her mom was depressed etc. It was a rotten place to grow up so her uncle got her out of there and put her up in an apartment in a building he owns. To forget about her troubles, Amanda likes to sit on this narrow ledge that winds around the building and look down on cars and stuff. One night she hears screaming and banging from the next apartment and climbs in her neighbors window. Some guy was in there. He beat up the old lady who lives in the apartment and was robbing her. Amanda climbs in and leans over the barely concious woman. Then the guy comes back. She makes a run for it to the window but slips off the ledge and lands in a dumpster. She gets amnesia and dosn't remember what happened. The old lady only remembers seeing Amanda and thinks that it must have been her that beat and robbed her. Everyone on the floor ran in to see what the screeming was and got their finger prints on everything. Really it could have been anyone who did it but the old lady only remembers seeing Amanda so they lock her away.

So basicly it's a mystery. A whodunnit sort of deal. I like writeing those.

Well I'm out stuff to talk about.

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