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Super Susanne And The World Of Tomorrow!!!

Feb. 18th, 2004 ~ 4:36PM

The current mood of archiedigest@hotmail.com at www.imood.com

Wow, this picture of a train I just drew somewhat resembles a train. Not so bad if I say so myself. It's just a practise drawing though. I had no idea how to draw one so I "googled" up a picture I could draw from. Luckily I found this neato stained glass window picture which made things easier, what with the dark lines and such. I got out some graph paper and drew what I saw and it turned out fine. It's for an english project. I have to made a brochure for immigrants in 1900 to come to Canada. It's so stupid but at least it dosn't take any thought. I can draw easy enough and all the information is practically spoon fed to you if you've got your mouth open (and through this crappy analogy I am actually refering to your ears). It's a matter of eating your text book, vomiting it onto a white peice of paper and arrangeing it creativly and folding it three times (I love crappy analogies). Lather, rinse, repeat; it dosn't get much simpler than that. I'm actually kind of dissapointed in history class. Apparently I have the highest mark in my class, which I found out today. Nerdwood puts the initials of the three highest students on the corner of the chalk board and there it is: S.W. I actually didn't want anyone to know. I didn't say anything when the class inquisitives started reaming her for answers and though I could have spoken up, I just kind of sat there. I just didn't feel like it was that big a deal. I mean, I didn't have to try at all. I just pulled some stuff out of my butt and did my homework. Is it that easy? It dosn't seem right, nothing has ever been that easy... Oh well.

I wonder why I'm so suspicious today.

Anyway, theres been a lot of talk about course selection at the lunch table over the last few days. We have to have our grade 11 courses chosen by Monday and you really need to think about it. Almost no one knows what they want to do so you have to keep as many doors open as possible. I'm trying to narrow it down but in the mean time, I've set up a few fall back plans I rather like... and one that wouls work but it would kill me. I'll get to that in a second. Anyway, number 1 plan is welding. Bruster has told me a few times to take welding because welders make about 60 bucks an hour, which is good work and good pay. If I never figure out what I want to do, I can just be a welder! How neat! Number 2, Courtney and I have decided to take fashion and creative design together and maybe set up a dress shop one day. It's just a dream really but it would be neat. Our own creations sitting in the window. I actually had to convince Courtney to take the class because she wasn't sure if anyone she knew would be in it. That drives me nuts, but whatever. Another thing that will rock about sewing class is that Andrew S is takeing it!! Hahah, he said that he needs a group one course, and since there is no way he is takeing a 5th english or spanish, it leaves him with cooking or sewing. I don't know why he chose sewing over cooking but its good that he did because I took cooking and it is LAME ASS. I'd rather drink from the toilet than spend another day making collages about the four food groups. Thats gonna be loads of fun.

The third backup is what would kill me. It's probobly the easiest of the three but I would rather LIVE in a toilet than do it. Jack is currently working her way through beauty school and she is planning to get out and start up her own salon. She wants to do peoples make-up, Faye to do hair, and me to do nails, *shudder*. It's a well known fact that I spend most of my free time painting things on my nails but I would never, EVER make a living at it! I totaly respect people who do but the very idea of painting someone elses nails for a living boils me like a potato. So much anger. I don't know why really. I geuss it's because my nails are one of my main creative outlets. Painting some stranger's nails is like Picasso giving away his self portrait and not even signing it!! I think one day I'd like to try and pass my drawings off as art, just to see if I could do it.

Heres what I was really thinking. I'd like to be on the radio! Faye says I sound like Alana Camron, so cool! Except the way says, "Neewwss waatch." Makes me want to rip her head off! But anyway, theres a local radio station that some guy runs out of his basement and I "googled" that as well. Looks to me like he wants work, so stated by the words "anyone interested". YES YES YES! And wasn't I just saying dad wanted me to get a job?? I wonder if he wants a gofer?? Oh but the best thing ever is that his house is on the way to dads office, which I walk to almost every day!! I could totally walk in there! Heehee!! Just imagine, me on the radio. Keeps your mouths open (and by mouths, I mean ears).

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