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22 Febuary 2004 ~ 2:16PM

The current mood of archiedigest@hotmail.com at www.imood.com

HOOOOO DOGGIE! Batten down the hatches matey! YEEAARRRRGGGG!! *Cough, cough*

....That was just sad. What can I say, I'm trying to keep busy. I'm pretty sick. I knew this was coming. I worked on my Gribble flag until 10:30 last night and was too sick to drag my sneezing, coughing, sick little body out of bed. I could just see someone watching me curl back into a ball with my eyes rolled back in my head shake their head and mutter, "Pathetic." And it was, but I tryed so hard. I made it all the way into the living room and dad saw me. "Daaaad!!" "I know." (and he always does) "I'mmm siiiick!!" "I know." "*groan* Can you drive me in at lunch?" "Yes." So I stumbled back to my room and didn't move until 11:30 or so. I had a couple feverish dreams which were funny as crap. I went to take a shower in my second attempt to start the day but cheryl caught me and felt my head. "Hot, go back to bed stupid." That was nice of her. So I called dad and said to forget coming to get me. I actually had to leave a message because the new secretary said he was out joyrideing in the new fire truck with Steve. Crap, I was going to walk there after school so I totaly missed out. Stupid cold. I geuss there was no point in going to school anyway. The only reason I had to was to sing that national anthem in history with Emily2 but I sound like I'm either speaking through a high powered fan, or I'm from the planet of the frogs. Do not fear me, simple Earthlings. I mean you no harm. Flys or die! FLYS OR DIIIE!! lol Fevers are fun.

Another reason I'm angry I didn't go to school is because it's Spirit Week and today was Pajama Day. Spirit Week is the best week of the year and I missed the comfiest day of the best week of the year! Rats. FLYS! Haha. Oh well, tomorrow is beach day. They don't let us walk around in bathings suits (it would be too cold for that anyway) but you can wear anything else you would wear to the beach. If I'm feeling better, I plan on borrowing Faye's sarrong to wear with my bathing suit and goggles. I wish I had a hawiian shirt. I need some kind of shirt to wear over my bathing suit.... That shear blue top would match but it's not very beachy I geuss it will do, but I'll take a look through that closet full of vintage clothes again. I'm sure theres someing. OH! Or I could tie-die a shirt for tomorrow! I've been looking for an excuse to die-tie something. Hmm...

Thursday is School Colours Day. I think that means red, black, and gold. That will be interesting... I do have this red dress I was looking for a reason to wear but it's pretty fancy for just a school day. I was thinking of wearing it but with a shirt over top so it would look like a pretty red skirt, then I could punk it up with some patches or something. But I tried that today and the way the dress is made just dosn't work with a shirt over top. The dress is tight under the boobs and then flares out from there so it makes my shirt get all bulky. We'll see what happens, I could think of something else. Friday will be the best. Hick Day! lol Everyone has to come dressed like a country yokel which is ironic because it's a country kind of town so we generally have a lot of people dressing like farmers already. Oh well, it will give some people an excuse to really let those missing teeth show. Heeyuck, heeyuck, heeyuck.

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