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Let there CAKE!

2004-10-29 ~ 4:31 p.m.

The current mood of archiedigest@hotmail.com at www.imood.com

I have a feeling I’m up for a few cake filled days. For starters it was Bruce’s birthday yesterday and Faye and I made a cake and such to surprise him. He was completely happy with it, and believe it or not but he is only 44 this year. I looked at his driver’s license and everything. I always thought he had to be much older than that, but he was only 43 a few days ago. Tonight is Hallowmas, a recently created holiday to stretch the Halloween spirit that much longer. Basically, it’s a costume mandatory LOTR marathon with horror movies instead. And cake. Lots of cake, lots of candy. Ah, Hallowmas; exactly what you’re there for…

I watched the best movie ever yesterday! Ever heard of Mom and Dad Save the World? It was brilliant! I just can’t resist campy movies. That part about the light grenade? BRILLIANT! Seriously look into this movie! I also saw Howard the Duck, and that was funny as well but the lead girl in it was a bit annoying with her cute pet names for Howard such as “duckie” and so on. It just got me a bit queasy after a while. Then it had a tendency towards anti-climax, but you think the day is saved, only to see it get much worse so many times it actually becomes a joke in itself, so I liked it in the end. Not as much as Mom and Dad Save the World though. Young John Lovitz, Eric Idle, and Jeffery Jones. Need I say more? Jeffery Jones was in Howard the Duck as well. He doesn’t come in until what you would assume is half way through the movie, when he is suddenly possessed with one of the evil overlords of the universe, kidnaps Beverly and introduces an entirely new plot line. He just does it all so well. And you know how the hero almost dies, and everyone cries and confesses something they wanted them to know but then the hero sputters and comes back to life? That happens about three times in 20 minutes. A few times I told myself life was too short for this, but it was all worth it to watch Howard play the guitar with his bill at the end. And then Beverly starts playing with her teeth as well. I had no idea she was so talented! I got them both from Chris who actually helped me pick out cake stuff yesterday. He was walking down the stairs talking quietly and I assumed it was to me, but I think we walked for almost a minute before he actually realized I was there. It was hilarious. But we went it IGA and discussed icing brands at length, and deserts in general, eventually leading into a conversation about mayonnaise, where I told him my dad’s scheme to save money by making his own mayonnaise. We don’t even eat mayonnaise that much at all, but he saw this infomercial one night for an amazing blending device, and the part that caught his attention was where the man cracked two eggs, added some vegetable oil, and blended it into mayonnaise. Dad made me watch TV with him until it came on again and from then on we had a mission, but dad was convinced it could be done with a regular mixer. And by regular I mean this useless bare-wire piece of crap we’ve probably only used twice to my knowledge. Anyway, we got out the eggs and the oil, and ‘got cracking’. Five minutes later, things were not going well. Our egg to oil ratio had varied greatly in each attempt, but had failed to produce more than a challenge. Eventually our supplies were running low, and dad actually went into town to buy more eggs simply because he believed it would work. Godonlyknows how much longer, and a carton of eggs later he finally gave up, exasperated, and concluded there was no possible way for man to make his own mayonnaise. And the cost of this experiment? About the price of a jar of mayonnaise, or more, that we wouldn’t have eaten anyway. Speaking of eating, I plan to do a lot of that tonight; and with that, I leave you.

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